Fires can be extremely scary and dangerous for everyone involved.  Royal Renovations is known for dealing with these tough situations in a caring and compassionate manner.

Our customer's needs always come first.  We can be reached for emergencies 24/7.

We Provide:

Ø  Emergency Board-ups
Ø  Content Pack-out
Ø  Odor Control
Ø  Content Cleaning
Ø  Structural Cleaning
Ø  Complete Construction

After a fire many people are eager to start the clean up process right away. Here are some tips to minimize further damage:

Ø  Never wipe down or try to wash fire remnants from walls,
     ceilings or other surfaces.

Ø  Throw away all food that was exposed to the fire.

Ø  Never use electrical appliances until they have been
     cleaned and inspected.

Ø  Open windows, if weather permits.

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