What Causes Indoor Mold Grow?

Mold can grow on virtually any organic substance or building material comprised of wood, wallpapers, drywall, carpet, paint, adhesives, fabrics, ducting, and insulation.  Mold is in the air everywhere and when it lands on a damp indoor spot with little or no UV light, it begins digesting and growing.  This produces thousands of microscopic spores that are released into the air while the destructive organism eventually damages the materials on which they feed and grow. 

Most infestation and rampant growth usually occurs whenever water damage or other moisture problems occur in indoor environments that go unaddressed or are treated improperly.
Typical problem situations encountered are:

Ø Natural weather disasters
Ø Equipment malfunctions
Ø Poor facility design or maintenance
Ø Improper clean-up after a problem
Ø Delayed remediation after an event

Visible mold is typically only the tip of the iceberg, and usually a sign that the problem may already be extensive.  It is not uncommon to find 10 times or more mold growth out of sight inside the crevices of a wall or within an HVAC system.

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