What Does it Mean to be a Member of Our Team?

In 1999, Kelly & Justine Fisher combined their construction skills and restoration knowledge to build Royal Renovations. They have set the standard high with the mission of demonstrating exceptional craftsmanship and outstanding customer service. These high expectations have led the pair to new growth and opportunities.

Our company focus includes working with our clients and their insurance providers to identify problems and provide an immediate response. We understand that acting quickly after a disaster is necessary, but we also understand the implications of quality control are also very important. We take our roles very seriously, and work hard to gain the trust of our clients.

Royal Renovations is searching for employees that enjoy daily challenges, quickly adapt to unique situations, work well in a team, and have excellent communication skills. Self-motivation and a desire to consistently exceed expectations would quickly advance you in the company.

If you are searching for a career with unlimited growth and opportunities, you will find it here!

Join Royal Renovations

At Royal Renovations, you can build your career in a trusted, goal-oriented atmosphere. We are committed to providing a fun, safe working environment for all of our employees. We don’t just strive to meet expectations with our clients, but also with each other. Our workforce is inclusive and caring, working toward creating a culture that is open and honest.

We cover projects all over Minnesota. Our team includes specializations and skills across a spectrum of project requirements and renovation tasks.  If you are interested in learning more about working with Royal Renovations, contact us today–we would love to add you to our team!