How to Prevent Water Damage from Spring Storms

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As winter turns into spring, homeowners should be prepared for more rain and storm conditions. These conditions can cause storm water damage if you don’t take steps to prevent it. Luckily, we have some great tips for homeowners about storm damage prevention.     Address Your Gutters and Siding You can often avoid the need for water and storm damage

Rug and Carpet Cleaning Tips After a Flood or Water Damage

Water damage on white carpet in the room of a home with a puddle of water

Floods and other forms of water damage can cause significant problems for both homeowners and commercial property managers. There is a lot that needs to be done to deal with the aftermath of water damage. One major issue that crops up is how to deal with carpeting after a flood. Keep Yourself Safe The first tip in carpet cleaning, or

Simple Tips to Prevent Sewer Backups in Your Home

Sewer damage plumbing repair DIY Solutions Prevent Sewer Backups

A sewage backup is a nightmare for homeowners. More than just a mess, sewage backing up into your home or yard will end up causing thousands of dollars in repairs, potentially damaging floors, walls, electrical systems, furniture, and other belongings.   Summer is a common time when sewer systems experience failures. Get to know the common causes of sewer backups

DIY Improvements to Protect Your Home from Summer Water Damage

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With the rising temps of summer, it might not be in your mind, but water damage threatens your home year-round. In the summer, water damage most often threatens a home that is ill-prepared for a severe storm or flood. Other culprits can be leaky pipes, outdated appliances, or faulty HVAC systems. Check out some of the DIY home improvements you

Preventing Summer Water and Pipe Damage

Summer Water and Pipe Damage

It’s not something homeowners typically worry about once the cold weather subsides, but your plumbing may be in danger in the summer just as it is during the winter.  Sure, it’s important to take special precautions in the winter to prevent our pipes from freezing and busting, but what could possibly cause a major plumbing issue in the summer?  

April Showers Bring Mold Spores: Preventing Mold Growth in the Spring

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Spring in Minnesota means melting snow, rising riverbeds, and in some cases, flooding basements. It can also means mold growth, if you’re not careful to pay attention and take preventative measures. While it’s not possible to mold-proof your home, you can make it mold resistant and fight to prevent any growth this spring.   Identify Any Potential Problem Areas Bathrooms