All About Window Wells for Your Home

2 x 4's going into a basement window well

There are so many decisions that a homeowner needs to make to improve, protect, and maintain their home. For homes with basement windows, one such decision concerns window wells and how they are protected.


Let’s look over window well coverings, their features, and why they are important to protect your basement and the structural integrity of your home.


What Is a Window Well?

When a home features basement windows that are recessed into the ground, they require a window well. Window wells are reinforced holes in the ground that surround windows that are below-ground or partially below ground. They are designed to hold out the earth surrounding the window while still allowing the home’s occupants to use the window for natural light and ventilation. Traditional window wells are often made of metal, such as corrugated steel, but can also be made using plastic or other materials.


What is the Purpose of a Window Well?

Some basements are not very well suited for windows. They might be too far underground to allow the natural light and ventilation benefits that only a window can provide. In fact, some areas require building to feature an egress window to provide an exit in case of an emergency. Adding a window to basements like these, however, can leave a home vulnerable.


The main purpose of a window well is to support the window. Without a window well, the surrounding dirt might collapse, caving in the window and leaving no means of exit for the home’s occupants or emergency responders to enter and exit the basement.



Upkeep and Covers for Basement Windows and Window Wells

For homes with basement windows, it’s a good idea to include a cover on your window well, this helps prevent anyone from tripping or falling into the window well and prevents animals from gaining access to your home. Some seasonal maintenance is also required, such as removing leaves in the fall or snow in the winter.



Window wells provide added safety and comfort for your home, but it is important to keep them up- to-date and well maintained. A window well that is not properly taken care of can welcome in added moisture, mold growth, pests, and unwanted outside air (costing you money on added heating and cooling expenses).


Of your home should experience any added moisture or structural damage from a basement window, Royal Renovations can help. Visit our website to learn more.

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