The Importance of Content Restoration

An in-progress kitchen renovation. All of the cabinets and drawers lie without countertops. Some drawers are missing altogether.

According to National Centers for Environmental Information, natural disasters are occurring more often than ever before. When disasters like floods, tornados, and fires strike, they can damage buildings and other personal property. Property and personal effects damaged by severe weather may initially seem like a lost cause, but the situation may be salvageable. A competent content-cleaning company can restore and

Health Risks and Water Damage

A white wall shows signs of mold and water damage, including staining and browning.

Keeping up with building maintenance, whether it’s your home or business, helps maintain aesthetic value and preserve the building’s structural integrity. However, some aspects of upkeep deal less with the longevity and appeal of the building and more with keeping its residents safe from potential health risks.     Known to cause mold and mildew, water can be particularly damaging. To

The Role of Professional Restoration Services in Home Content Recovery

After a natural disaster or other unfortunate event, most homeowners will do whatever they can to save their furniture, valuable items, and other contents of their homes. The cleanup process can be an overwhelming undertaking, and it’s often difficult to know where to begin to properly restore your belongings. Calling a professional restoration service to help with home content recovery

Sewer Drain Backups: Advice from the Experts

Man fixing sink and Royal Renovations logo

Dealing with a sewer drain backup is never a pleasant experience. It can cause extensive damage to your home, create unpleasant odors, and pose health risks to you and your family. However, by taking preventative measures and understanding how to handle a sewer drain backup, you can minimize the damage and keep your home safe.   In this comprehensive guide,

Home Fire Prevention: 6 Essential Tips

The results of a home fire with an orange banner and the Royal Renovations logo

Home fires are devastating, not only causing property damage but also threatening your family’s safety. To protect your house and family from life-altering fire damage, practice home fire safety with these tips from Royal Renovations.   6 Fire Prevention Tips for Homeowners  Clean Your Chimney Regularly  Keep your chimney clean to avoid potential fire hazards. Creosote buildup can occur over time,

How to Prevent Water Damage from Spring Storms

Picture of water damage in a house with text, ‘how to prevent storm water damage’

As winter turns into spring, homeowners should be prepared for more rain and storm conditions. These conditions can cause storm water damage if you don’t take steps to prevent it. Luckily, we have some great tips for homeowners about storm damage prevention.     Address Your Gutters and Siding You can often avoid the need for water and storm damage

Rug and Carpet Cleaning Tips After a Flood or Water Damage

Water damage on white carpet in the room of a home with a puddle of water

Floods and other forms of water damage can cause significant problems for both homeowners and commercial property managers. There is a lot that needs to be done to deal with the aftermath of water damage. One major issue that crops up is how to deal with carpeting after a flood. Keep Yourself Safe The first tip in carpet cleaning, or

Avoiding Ice Dams and the Importance of Using Roof Rakes

Ice dams cause severe water damage to homes if they aren't dealt with. Find out the causes and tips on preventing ice damming from occurring.

The winter season brings many weather-related challenges to homeowners. Ice dams are one of these issues. Read on to find out what you need to know about preventing ice damming and the importance of using roof rakes. What Are Ice Dams? An ice dam is a large collection of ice that forms on a roof’s edge. These ice masses commonly

Watching for Winter Pipe Freezes and Other Plumbing Problems

Close up image of pipes with

Plumbing problems are extremely common this time of year. Families have busy school and work schedules, and many homeowners let winter plumbing problems fall to the wayside. Sadly, this often leads to pipe bursts, floods, and expensive repairs or restoration bills. But fear not! The experts at Royal Renovations are coming to your rescue with our best tips and tricks

How to Avoid Cooking Fires

Woman in a kitchen looking into her oven as smoke and bright light from fire escapes from the open oven door.

With over 172,000 fires occurring each year due to cooking activities, fire safety and prevention are essential parts of kitchen safety. With a few practical steps and some basic awareness, you and your family can decrease your risk of cooking fires this winter. What Causes Most Cooking Fires? Everyday cooking fires happen in the US for a variety of reasons: