Carpet Cleaning During COVID-19

When disaster strikes, we strike back. That’s a motto here at Royal Renovations, and one we have especially used during the COVID-19 pandemic. With COVID rates soaring again, businesses are doing double duty to make sure that their businesses are disinfected. The same should go for your home. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the disease can spread

Protein Fires—What are They?

Have you ever heard of a protein fire? A protein fire is the result of significantly burning a protein source or another food source. While no fire is a walk in the park, a protein fire appears to be far less serious initially than they truly are. The smell is worse than other fires and restoration may be tricky.  

Preparing for Potential Winter Home Damage

It might seem a little too early to be preparing for winter, but Minnesota has already seen snow in October, so it would appear that winter is already making its slow descent. Midwesterners know all too well just how brutal and damaging winters can be on homes. Before winter is here to stay, you need to make sure your home

Cleaning and Restoration Tips After Fire Damage

Interior of a kitchen with fire damage

If you own a home or a business, odds are fires are on the lists of your biggest fears. Fire damage can cause colossal problems to a building. They can even cause continuing issues that last for years after the last flame went out. Cleaning up after a fire is about more than just replacing lost items and opening a

Odor Control After Fire, Flood, or Mold Damage

Mold damage and odor after flood natural disaster

Cleaning up after a natural disaster is tough enough. Once you remove the damage and replace your belongings, you’ll have to worry about lingering odors. Removing odors is sometimes the toughest portion of the cleanup process. And the last thing you’ll want to do is replace the icky smoke or mildew scents with a chemical stink from cleaners or bleach.

Simple Tips to Prevent Sewer Backups in Your Home

Sewer damage plumbing repair DIY Solutions Prevent Sewer Backups

A sewage backup is a nightmare for homeowners. More than just a mess, sewage backing up into your home or yard will end up causing thousands of dollars in repairs, potentially damaging floors, walls, electrical systems, furniture, and other belongings.   Summer is a common time when sewer systems experience failures. Get to know the common causes of sewer backups

Preparing Your Pets for Natural Disasters

pets preparing natural disasters

In Minnesota, the weather is infamous for turning on a dime. The warmer is the seasons are perhaps more notorious for potential danger, but being prepared against mother nature is a year-round task. This goes for people and their pets. Did you know that July 15th is National Pet Fire Safety Day? In honor of the occasion, we have outlined

DIY Improvements to Protect Your Home from Summer Water Damage

woman mopping up water burst pipe Water Damage

With the rising temps of summer, it might not be in your mind, but water damage threatens your home year-round. In the summer, water damage most often threatens a home that is ill-prepared for a severe storm or flood. Other culprits can be leaky pipes, outdated appliances, or faulty HVAC systems. Check out some of the DIY home improvements you

Preventing Summer Water and Pipe Damage

Summer Water and Pipe Damage

It’s not something homeowners typically worry about once the cold weather subsides, but your plumbing may be in danger in the summer just as it is during the winter.  Sure, it’s important to take special precautions in the winter to prevent our pipes from freezing and busting, but what could possibly cause a major plumbing issue in the summer?  

Fire Pit Safety: Securely Installing and Enjoying Bonfires at Home

home bonfire Fire Pit Safety

As spring turns into summer and certain travel restrictions are still in place, more people are enjoying spending their evenings in the yard relaxing by a fire. If you are considering installing a fire pit in your yard–permanent or portable–there are a few fire pit safety tips you should familiarize yourself with first.   Preparing the Space A fire pit