Mold removal: A DIY job that you should not take on

Set down those cleaning tools! When it comes to DIY projects, Pinterest and YouTube are your best friends for inspiration. Yet, there are some house projects that you should leave to the professionals, such as removing mold from your home. Removing mold is not an overly complicated process but is a process that should be handled by professionals to make

What’s that smell? Smells that indicate there’s a bigger problem

When it comes to maintaining your home, how your home smells is often neglected. As we live in our space, we become accustomed to the smells and odors that surround us. Here are a few lingering smells that could be tainted the air in your home and why you should get them looked at by a professional ASAP: Odors related

Signs of Hoarding in Loved Ones

Would you consider your loved one a pack rat? Trouble throwing away items, regardless of their value, is one of the telltale signs of hoarding. Hoarding can have serious consequences financially, physically, mentally and even emotionally. Hoarding negatively impacts an individual’s life by creating unlivable conditions due to the unnecessary clutter. Unfortunately, these problems are not usually addressed until disaster

The Long-lasting effects of not fixing smoke damage in your home

When your life is uprooted by a housefire, the first thing you want to do is return to your home. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Many individuals do not take into account the smoke damage that has affected their home. In addition, many want to skimp on clean-up costs because they are deemed unnecessary. This is far from the truth.

What to Know about Leaking and Burst Pipes

The Farmer’s Almanac is predicting a grueling and harsh winter. It’s going to be long and cold. That means leaky and burst pipes could be a huge issue for your home this year. Freezing can lead to burst pipes if you don’t catch it in time, but other causes can also lead to leaky or burst pipes. Rust, installation issues,

What is Content Restoration?

Natural disasters or fire can affect your home or business in many ways. Such an incident is scary and overwhelming. It’s hard to know where to start the cleanup or what can be saved. It’s not something people like to think about or plan for but knowing where you can turn when your life turns upside down is the first

How to Cope with the Loss of a Home

If the wildfires in California last summer taught us anything it’s that disaster and tragedy can strike at any time. Disaster doesn’t care how large your home is or what neighborhood you live it. It can happen at any time to anyone. So how do you cope with and move forward after something like that happens?   Royal Renovations understands

The Danger of Electrical Fires

Summer is heating up, and that means that we, as human beings have the desire to cool down! As we rely more and more on appliances and electricity to keep us cool, we’re also running more of a risk to cause an electrical fire. Each year in the U.S., there are more than 40,000 electrical fires responsible for $700 million

Why Summer can mean More Mold

Summer is synonymous with fun, sun, family, and swimming. Summertime just brings out the fun in everything, unfortunately, it also brings out a little something that is never any fun—mold. The risk of mold growth in your home increases during the summer months due to the warm temperatures and summer thunderstorms. According to Environmental Protection Agency reports, the presence of

Readying the Cabin for Summer Fun

The summer is finally here and that means it’s time to start spending the weekends at the cabin! Whether you’ll be spending time with the fam at the cabin this summer or using the space for hosting get togethers, there are a lot of things you need to do to get the cabin ready for some summer fun. You’ll have