How to Clean Up Safely After a Disaster

A home burned to the ground

After a disaster strikes, it can be tempting to begin clean-up immediately. You should wait and make sure that everything is in place to clean up safely and effectively. We’ll cover some of our tips before diving in and cleaning up any damage your property sustained during the disaster. Follow our safe cleaning tips to make the job easy and

How to Prepare Your Home for a Disaster

A mother explains to her children how to use the radio in an emergency

With winter storms on the horizon, now is a great time to talk about preparation. Being prepared for winter weather can make a significant difference if and when a disaster strikes. Which disaster you prepare for will depend on a wide array of characteristics, but there are general steps you can take to prepare your home. We’ll go over our

3 Tips for Hiring a Renovation Service

Home renovation and construction

Choosing A Contractor Finding a good home repair damage contractor can be difficult. You need to know who you can trust to renovate your home when disasters like storms, water leaks, and fires wreak havoc on your home. When you find your home in need of repair, what are some of the things to look for in a contractor? In

Bracing For Winter Storms: Signs Your Roof Needs Repair

A roofer replacing the tiles on a house roof.

Winter is Here Now that winter is here, we need to talk about your roof. With the cooler temperatures come winter storms and snow. This time of year is when your roof can take a major beating. Whether it’s your home or a commercial business, it’s important to do a thorough inspection to avoid further damage and an emergency roof

Preparing Your Loved One for Hoarding Cleanup

Assessing For Hoarding Cleanup It isn’t easy watching someone you love in distress. Hoarding behavior can occur anywhere and with anyone. When you feel that something is wrong, it is important for you to assess the situation and see whether the behavior has become so severe that intervention is necessary. Be cautious. Try to assess the situation from afar, making

The Importance of Renters Insurance Liability Coverage

The Importance of Insurance If you manage a property, then you’re probably familiar with renters’ insurance liability coverage. But property managers are always inspecting their bottom line and find themselves asking why insurance is so important. We’ve gathered a list of reasons why a typical renters’ insurance coverage can save you thousands of dollars in the event of disaster.  

Content Restoration Services for Business or Property Damage

Warehouse workers in vests moving boxes in storehouse

Content restoration services offer several advantages for business and property owners. If your business was not at fault, you will experience faster cleanup with less disruption to customers and employees. Content restoration is also lower in cost than demolition with reconstruction (which can take weeks) and offers protection for future insurance coverage rates as well as potential tax deductions. As

Preparing for the Aftermath of a Natural Disaster or Fire

Fragment of the burnt home after the fire in a wooden house

When a natural disaster strikes your home, it’s tough to understand the best course of action. Usually, the best outcomes are from homeowners who make preparations and have a plan of action in place. The aftermath of a flood, storm, or fire are best taken care of through careful planning. To help your household prepare for a natural disaster, follow

The Risks of Staying in Your Home or Workplace After a Fire

Interior of a home’s kitchen after a fire, soot-covered wall, fire damage

A fire can be one of the most damaging disasters to take place – whether in your home or place of business. Once the flames are out and the damage is assessed, it can be tough to know when it is safe to go back. The absence of fire isn’t the only factor–lingering effects can also be detrimental to your

How to Identify Wind Damage on Your Home’s Roof

Close-up image of a roof shingle damaged in a storm

Seasonal weather can wreak havoc on a building. Storms that reach wind speeds of 45mph or higher will begin to strip shingles, break tree branches, and uproot debris.   Whether you are looking to protect or replace the roof on your home, place of business, or other building, it’s important to know what to look for and how to identify