Potential Lasting Effects from Fire and Smoke Damage

Two ladders rest against the wall of a home that’s being restored. Various tools lie on the ground and the walls are covered with plastic wrappings.

A fire in your home or business is an extremely stressful event that can leave a lasting impact on your home—and your wallet. After a fire, contracting a professional fire and water damage restoration specialist to help with cleanup can save your building from additional structural problems in the future.

What to Do After a Fire 

For your own safety and to prevent further damage to your building, follow these basic steps after a fire: 

  1. Don’t re-enter the home or business until you are cleared to do so by fire department officials. 
  2. Do not turn on gas, electricity, or water until you are cleared to do so by your utilities company. 
  3. Document all damage to your property with photos and video. 
  4. Do not try to clean up the damage yourself. Reach out to a fire damage cleaner to safely restore your home or business.  
  5. Open a claim with your insurance company.     

Health Risks 

Fire and smoke can cause a range of health issues if not promptly dealt with, including headaches, fatigue, and more. Professional smoke damage restorationcan protect you from lung irritants like ash that may linger in the air long after a fire.  

Some household items, like paint and upholstery, can undergo chemical changes during a fire, leading to chemical pollution throughout the building. Hazardous materials like bleach and chlorine may also have exploded in the blaze, polluting the property even more. Left alone, chemical pollution can cause headaches, liver damage, nausea, and more. Because of the hazardous nature of many chemicals, it’s best to contact a specialist for cleanup.  

Structural Risks 

Fires can do major damage to the structural integrity of a building. Some of the effects are obvious, but others can be hidden, like warped beams or split wood. If your home was built before 1978, old building materials like lead or asbestos could ignite during a fire, causing further structural damage to your property. Get an inspection done by a professional to keep your home safe and structurally sound.  

Mold Damage 

The water or foam used to put out fires creates the perfect conditions for mold to grow, which could eventually destabilize the structure of your building. After a fire, make sure all wet areas are promptly dried once it is safe to do so. Because mold can be hard to see, consider conducting a mold test to find and eliminate hidden molds.  


Fire and water damage restoration is necessary to prevent discoloration in materials throughout your home or business. Materials like plastics and marble can start to discolor in just minutes after exposure to smoke and water. Carpets, clothing, furniture, and rugs can also collect stains from the smoke damage. A professional cleaner can salvage items that were not completely engulfed by the flames and stop any further discoloration.  

Call a Professional Disaster Restoration Company 

Royal Renovations offers full-service disaster restoration, including professional fire restoration services, carpet cleaning, and document restoration. Our professionals work to minimize the harmful potential of smoke, mold, and water damage to safety and efficiently return your home or business to its former glory. 

Reach out to us today to get started! 

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