The Long-lasting effects of not fixing smoke damage in your home

Smoke damage on the exterior of a home

When your life is uprooted by a housefire, the first thing you want to do is return to your home. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Many individuals do not take into account the smoke damage that has affected their home. In addition, many want to skimp on clean-up costs because they are deemed unnecessary. This is far from the truth. Smoke damage is not something that should be ignored. It has seriously implications and is best to get it addressed as soon as possible.


What happens if you don’t fix your home after a fire?

In addition to the obvious structural fixes that need to be corrected after a fire, cleaning up smoke damage and leftover soot should be a top priority. Soot can contain harmful chemicals from the fire, so it’s essential that a properly-trained, clean-up crew eliminates it from your home. If homeowners and families continue to breath in these harmful chemicals, it poses serious implications on their health.


What needs to be fixed after a house fire?

After a fire, a house’s structural integrity may be compromised. This means that homeowners should consult with a home renovation company about the extent of the damage. This also means that your possessions inside your home have been affected by smoke damage.


A home renovation company will educate you on what items need a deep cleaning. For instance, upholstery and carpets cannot be cleaned with a household vacuum, homeowners will need to use an industrial vacuum with a special filter, owned by most home renovation companies. Furthermore, clothing and bedding will need to undergo and intense washing regiment to get rid of the smoke and possible chemicals that were absorbed during the fire. Finally, many of these items may be corroded in addition to stained and discolored. A home renovation company will be able to help you determine the condition of your possessions and how to properly clean them.


Smoke and soot negatively impact your personal health

Inhaling smoke also has a negative impact on your health. You might experience minor ailments such as itchy eyes and skin, but inhaling too much smoke can also lead to major health issues. Studies have discovered a correlation between smoke inhalation and cancer, strokes and heart attacks. It’s best to consult with your doctor to learn what precautions you should take afterwards to ensure you are in optimal health.


House fires are a traumatizing and an uprooting experience for all homeowners. To make sure your home is safe to return to, consult our experts at Royal Renovations by calling 320-743-3440 or stopping into our office in Clear Lake.

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  1. Wow, I never knew that home smoke damage could cause health illnesses such as cancer if left unattended. I’ve been thinking about purchasing a home where I can start and raise my own family. I’ll keep this in mind and have my home’s fire damage repaired when necessary!

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