Benefits of Using a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company

Carpets, especially high-pile carpet styles like shag, tend to accumulate dirt and grime during regular, everyday use. As dirt piles up, carpets wear down faster, eventually requiring a costly carpet replacement.    While it can be difficult to effectively deep-clean your carpet on your own, hiring professional carpet cleaners is easy. The right carpet cleaning contractor will not only have your

Rug and Carpet Cleaning Tips After a Flood or Water Damage

Water damage on white carpet in the room of a home with a puddle of water

Floods and other forms of water damage can cause significant problems for both homeowners and commercial property managers. There is a lot that needs to be done to deal with the aftermath of water damage. One major issue that crops up is how to deal with carpeting after a flood. Keep Yourself Safe The first tip in carpet cleaning, or

Carpet Cleaning During COVID-19

Interior office building with a row of chairs and a row of plants

When disaster strikes, we strike back. That’s a motto here at Royal Renovations, and one we have especially used during the COVID-19 pandemic. With COVID rates soaring again, businesses are doing double duty to make sure that their businesses are disinfected. The same should go for your home. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the disease can spread

The hidden dangers of dirty carpets

Close up of a carpet

Vacuuming isn’t our favorite chore, but we know that it makes our home look well-kept and cared for. Often times vacuuming your carpets seems like a nonessential part of upkeeping your home, but there are actually numerous adverse health effects associated with dirty carpets. Here’s just the tip of the iceberg and why you should make sure to deep clean

Your Rug Isn’t Ruined—Grab the Elbow Grease!

Rugs are expensive! Whether it’s a beautiful hand-woven rug from a small business in town or a rug you shipped from China while on vacation because you just had to have it, you don’t want to throw it away and buy a new one in the face of a damaging disaster. You want to get your old one cleaned to

Don’t Chalk it up as Garbage, Restore Your Business’ Contents After a Disaster

Tools laid out on floor

  Business property damage due to a natural disaster can be a devastating blow to your company. Fire damage, water damage, sewer and drain backup, storm damage, mold damage—the professionals at Royal Renovations can handle it all. We know how important your business’ items are to you. Don’t throw them away! Call Royal Renovations to have your contents restored to

Clean your Carpets to Their Original Color

Bombpop popsicle

  Over the past few months you have watched the kids and dog track all of their “summer fun” through the house. All their dirt and popsicle drips have done a number on your carpet. Instead of your carpet being a nice cream color, about now it probably more resembles the color of a dirty Bomb Pop. It’s time to