Clean your Carpets to Their Original Color

Bombpop popsicle


Over the past few months you have watched the kids and dog track all of their “summer fun” through the house. All their dirt and popsicle drips have done a number on your carpet. Instead of your carpet being a nice cream color, about now it probably more resembles the color of a dirty Bomb Pop. It’s time to see the original color in your carpets again!


There are many reasons to have your carpet cleaned. Restoring them back to their original color is one reason, but it also removes dust, dirt, allergens, bacteria, hair, and grime from deep in your carpet. Removing these things from your carpet is extremely beneficial to the health of everyone in your home! If someone in your home has allergies, it is important to have your carpet cleaned regularly to relieve their symptoms. All of this stuff stuck in your carpet carries a funky smell with it as well. Instead of blanketing your carpet with a can of Febreze, clean them so they look and smell nice.



Carpet is expensive! Cleaning your carpet helps to keep it in good condition. It will help maintain the investment you made in your carpet and also your home. If you are planning on selling your home, buyers appreciate the look of new carpet, it allows them to picture themselves in the home. Instead of spending a lot of money to replace all of your carpet, have it cleaned and restored to its original condition.



Preserve the life of your carpet, restore it to its original color and condition, remove harmful bacteria to keep your family healthy, and take care of your investment by having your carpet cleaned by Royal Renovations of St. Cloud. Summer fun is coming to an end. Back to school is a time to start healthy and fresh; Get off on the right foot and not a muddy one! Royal Renovations will come in and clean your carpets, but you will have to keep the muddy kids and dogs outside.