Carpet Cleaning During COVID-19

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When disaster strikes, we strike back.

That’s a motto here at Royal Renovations, and one we have especially used during the COVID-19 pandemic. With COVID rates soaring again, businesses are doing double duty to make sure that their businesses are disinfected. The same should go for your home. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the disease can spread through droplets and airborne particles. These droplets can land on surfaces and transfer to individuals through touch. Not only is it important that you sanitize commonly touched surfaces, it is important that you keep soft (porous) surfaces like carpeting and rugs disinfected too.

Clean and Launder

First thing’s first: if you are able to remove rugs from the home and office at this time, you should remove them. It is one less thing to worry about being clean. If you are moving rugs, be sure not to shake them to try and free them of debris; this could spread the virus.

If contamination is visible on the carpet, drapes, or rugs, address it immediately by cleaning it with EPA-approved products designed for fighting against COVID-19. Once the porous surfaces are cleaned, they should be laundered. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when laundering items, but wash them in the warmest possible setting allowed for each item. The items should also be fully dried.


To go one step further, you can also disinfect soft surfaces. Again, you will need to disinfect these surfaces with List N Disinfectants that will kill the Coronavirus. If you are not sure if the product you are using is on List N, there is a handy resource here. Once the surfaces are disinfected, you can vacuum the carpet. It is unknown if vacuuming can spread the Coronavirus, so the CDC recommends that vacuuming is done when no one else is in the room. HVAC systems should be shut off to prevent contaminating them. Use a vacuum with a high-efficiency particulate air filter (HEPA) and wear gloves and eye protection if possible.

Can I Hire Someone?

If you are looking to hire someone for COVID-19 clean-up, research before you hire. We have a resource guide here. The best thing you can do right now is to follow government and CDC guidelines.

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