Don’t Chalk it up as Garbage, Restore Your Business’ Contents After a Disaster

Tools laid out on floor


Business property damage due to a natural disaster can be a devastating blow to your company. Fire damage, water damage, sewer and drain backup, storm damage, mold damage—the professionals at Royal Renovations can handle it all. We know how important your business’ items are to you. Don’t throw them away! Call Royal Renovations to have your contents restored to its pre-damage condition.


So what is content restoration? Simply stated, it refers to the process of recovering items after they are damaged during a disaster. Don’t junk your items just yet; they can still be salvaged! Royal Renovations has a variety of content restoration techniques to renew your items back to their original state. For example, soot and smoke odor can be removed from numerous different objects, such as textiles, documents, and electronics. If specific items need to be cleaned quickly, they can be put on a rush order and restored within 48 hours or less. During the content restoration process, you will have access to your belongings.


The process of property inventorying items after damage from a disaster is a vital part in content restoration. Royal Renovations takes care of your contents with highly organized packouts using content tracking software, complete with photo inventory and a detailed itemization of non-salvageable objects. Damaged items will be transported to Royal Renovations’ climate controlled facility. The items will be safely and securely stored (and easily accessed by you if needed) in the interim while structural damage is being fixed. Once restoration of the business is complete, the items will be moved back in. If the damage is minor enough, property can be cleaned on-site.


Royal Renovations also offers:


  • 24/7 Claims Management
  • Odor Control
  • Content Processing
  • Specialty Item Cleaning
  • Non-salvageable Inventory


If disaster strikes, count on Royal Renovations to fix your business.