The hidden dangers of dirty carpets

Close up of a carpet

Vacuuming isn’t our favorite chore, but we know that it makes our home look well-kept and cared for. Often times vacuuming your carpets seems like a nonessential part of upkeeping your home, but there are actually numerous adverse health effects associated with dirty carpets. Here’s just the tip of the iceberg and why you should make sure to deep clean your carpets on the regular:


Normal wear and tear effects

You might think deep carpet cleaning is only necessary when you have pets or your home recently endured a disaster, but this isn’t the case. Every year skin cells, dust, dirt and hordes of bacteria build up in your carpet fibers. Depending on how long you wait in between vacuuming, the buildup could be quite severe. Health organizations such as the American Lung Association encourage homeowners to vacuum at least three days a week to keep your family safe.


If you have recently fallen victim to terrible allergies, your carpets might be to blame. Bacteria and dust mites can build up and cause severe allergic reactions and cause other flareups. In addition to vacuuming more often, the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology recommends minimizing the humidity within your home.


Research also shows that in severe cases dirty carpets can also cause a weakened immune system, respiratory issues and stomach irritation.


Carpet quality after a disaster

If your home has recently suffered from water damage, mold remediation or other disasters, it’s an ideal time to also deep-clean your carpets. Carpets are also prone to hiding mold and other harmful microbes and bacteria that are harmful if inhaled.


The aim of the Royal Restorations team is to restore your carpet to its ideal condition before disaster struck. Your carpets should help your home feel cozy and relaxing rather than a petri dish for potential illnesses and bacteria. Take care of your home and the residents inside by getting your carpets cleaned by the professionals today.

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