Spring Mold Growth: Causes and Prevention in Your Home

Interior shot of a window with moisture on it

Spring is here again, and as with any year, homeowners are keeping an eye on a potential danger: mold. Whether hiding in the attic or basement, mold can quickly spread form one small area of your house to the entire ventilation system, making you and your loved ones sick. Mold growth can lead to health problems, exacerbate allergies, and affect

Types of Mold and Levels of Severity

Mold in a corner of the wall

Do you have mold lurking in your home? If you do, don’t panic just yet. There are different types of mold that aren’t necessarily harmful to you and your family. However, especially if you have water damage in your home, mold growth can be harmful and should be remediated immediately. Let’s talk about a few of the most common harmful

Simple Tips to Prevent Sewer Backups in Your Home

Sewer damage plumbing repair DIY Solutions Prevent Sewer Backups

A sewage backup is a nightmare for homeowners. More than just a mess, sewage backing up into your home or yard will end up causing thousands of dollars in repairs, potentially damaging floors, walls, electrical systems, furniture, and other belongings.   Summer is a common time when sewer systems experience failures. Get to know the common causes of sewer backups

DIY Improvements to Protect Your Home from Summer Water Damage

woman mopping up water burst pipe Water Damage

With the rising temps of summer, it might not be in your mind, but water damage threatens your home year-round. In the summer, water damage most often threatens a home that is ill-prepared for a severe storm or flood. Other culprits can be leaky pipes, outdated appliances, or faulty HVAC systems. Check out some of the DIY home improvements you

April Showers Bring Mold Spores: Preventing Mold Growth in the Spring

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Spring in Minnesota means melting snow, rising riverbeds, and in some cases, flooding basements. It can also means mold growth, if you’re not careful to pay attention and take preventative measures. While it’s not possible to mold-proof your home, you can make it mold resistant and fight to prevent any growth this spring.   Identify Any Potential Problem Areas Bathrooms

Mold removal: A DIY job that you should not take on

Mold damage on a wall

Set down those cleaning tools! When it comes to DIY projects, Pinterest and YouTube are your best friends for inspiration. Yet, there are some house projects that you should leave to the professionals, such as removing mold from your home. Removing mold is not an overly complicated process but is a process that should be handled by professionals to make

Why Summer can mean More Mold

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Summer is synonymous with fun, sun, family, and swimming. Summertime just brings out the fun in everything, unfortunately, it also brings out a little something that is never any fun—mold. The risk of mold growth in your home increases during the summer months due to the warm temperatures and summer thunderstorms. According to Environmental Protection Agency reports, the presence of

Mold Remediation

Windowsill covered in mold

So you’ve discovered mold in your home…yikes. What do you do now? Sure, you can throw away carpet and even insulation, but you can’t necessarily throw away wood, drywall, paint, and ducting. What do you do? You call the experts!   At Royal Renovations, we understand how devastating and frustrating it can be to find mold in your home. Unfortunately,

Don’t Chalk it up as Garbage, Restore Your Business’ Contents After a Disaster

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  Business property damage due to a natural disaster can be a devastating blow to your company. Fire damage, water damage, sewer and drain backup, storm damage, mold damage—the professionals at Royal Renovations can handle it all. We know how important your business’ items are to you. Don’t throw them away! Call Royal Renovations to have your contents restored to

How to Get Rid of the Musty Smell in Your Camper

When you unlock your camper for the first time after the long cold winter, you want to be saying, “I can’t wait to go camping!” and not “What in the world is that smell?” Maybe every time you open up the RV you are playing the guess that smell game. Save your sniffer and learn how you can protect and