Why Summer can mean More Mold

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Summer is synonymous with fun, sun, family, and swimming. Summertime just brings out the fun in everything, unfortunately, it also brings out a little something that is never any fun—mold. The risk of mold growth in your home increases during the summer months due to the warm temperatures and summer thunderstorms. According to Environmental Protection Agency reports, the presence of mold indoors in even small amounts can trigger allergies and asthma attacks and increase the risk of illness, especially among children and the elderly.


Mold can grow on virtually any organic substance or building material comprised of wood, wallpapers, drywall, carpet, paint, adhesives, fabrics, ducting, and insulation.  Mold is in the air everywhere, and when it meets a damp indoor spot with little or no UV light, it begins digesting and growing.  This process produces thousands of microscopic spores that are released into the air while the destructive organism eventually damages the materials on which they feed and grow. Here are a few things you can do to prevent or deal with mold in your home:


Keep it cool—

Mold likes to grow at temperatures around 77 degrees. Keep your house cooler than that if possible.


Control the Humidity—

Mold thrives in moist environments, so running a dehumidifier should help control the moisture in your home.


Close Windows—

It’s easy to forget your windows open when it rains, but if the water gets in, it’s only a matter of time before the mold arrives. If the floors or windowsills do get wet, dry them as soon as possible.


Look in the Bathroom—

The bathroom is probably the wettest room in the house. Keep an eye on the laundry room and kitchen as well.


Contact Royal Renovations to evaluate your property if you notice any signs of mold. Royal Renovations Professionals can review and evaluate your property. On the off chance that mold is discovered, we have the preparation, gear, and mastery to deal with the circumstance when mold cleanup is needed.


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