Avoiding Exterior Damage to Your Home in Spring

Storm damage to home, uprooted tree during spring storm.

Spring weather brings many challenges from homeowners. Spring is the time for renewal and growth, but for Minnesotans, it’s also a time when winter hazards remain firmly in play. Winter storms mixed with spring showers, as well as the often jarring transitions between freezes and thaws, can bring many issues to your doorstep.

Spring Storm Damage

Some spring weather damage is unavoidable—while you can prepare for storms, you can’t stop them from affecting your home. Hail, lightning, and tornados can cause serious damage. While impossible to avoid, this damage can be repaired. Choosing a competent renovation company, like Royal Renovations, means that your home will be restored with professionalism and attention to detail.

Even small spring storms can still cause damage to your home, even if they don’t feature huge hailstones or cyclones spinning into your living room. High winds from spring showers can damage your shingles, limiting your roof’s effectiveness and giving moisture an easy path into your home.

Preventing Spring Flooding

Storms aren’t the only trial spring weather brings, nor are they the greatest threat to Minnesota homes. Preventing spring flood damage is crucial, even for homeowners outside of flood plains. Ensuring meltwater is able to run off your roof and away from your home will help prevent sudden freezes from causing further damage.   

Preventing Mold Damage

If you can keep meltwater from making its way into your home, you can also help prevent potential mold breeding grounds. To help manage your meltwater, make sure your gutters are clean and free of debris to create a single flow point for water to drain. It’s also important not to ensure the water has a place to drain—away from the house—after exiting the gutters.

Taking the time to protect your home from these common dangers of spring weather is important part of spring home maintenance. If you find yourself facing storm damage, flood damage, or sewer backups this spring, contact Royal Renovations for full-service home restoration.

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