Avoiding Exterior Damage to Your Home in Spring

Storm damage to home, uprooted tree during spring storm.

While spring is usually seen as a time of renewal and growth, for Minnesota homeowners, it’s also a time of unpredictable weather and potentially hazardous conditions. Even as the weather gets warmer, spring can still see damaging winter storms mixed in with spring showers, leading to jarring jumps between freezes and thaws that can damage your home.  

Spring Storm Damage 

Some spring storm damage is unavoidable—while you can prepare for storms, you can’t stop them from affecting your home. Hail, lightning, tornados, and other spring storms can cause serious damage and compromise the structural integrity of your home.  

Consider installing storm shutters on windows to minimize wind damage, and securely anchor all outdoor furniture to prevent them from being picked up by the wind. If you live an area prone to tornados, install an impact-resistant door that can handle the wind without caving in.  

If your home does incur storm damage, it can usually be restored to its pre-damaged state, especially if you partner with a trusted restoration expert like Royal Renovations 

Preventing Spring Flooding 

Storms aren’t the only hazard inherent during a Minnesota spring. As ice melts and severe rains become more common, the threat of damaging floods and sewer backups increases, even for homeowners that live outside of flood plains.  

Ensure all electrical boxes and junctions are raised at least one foot above the average flood levels, and anchor fuel tanks to prevent ruptured fuel lines. Consider installing runoff drainage and gutters to ensure meltwater can run off your roof and away from your home, preventing further flood damage.   

Preventing Mold Damage 

Meltwater that makes its way into your home can create damp conditions that are perfect for mold growth. Mold can quickly grow out of control, leading to structural damage and exacerbating health conditions, including asthma and lung disease 

Keep your existing gutters clean or install new gutters to funnel meltwater away from your foundation and prevent mold growth. Ensure your drainage system diverts water at least five feet away from your foundation—water left standing on your lawn can find its way back into your home, especially during heavy rains.  

Trust the Experts at Royal Renovations for Storm Damage Repair 

Taking the time to protect your home from the hazards of the Minnesota spring can not only makes your home safer, but it can also save you money in the future. Should damage occur, the team at Royal Renovations are experts in storm damage restoration, mold remediation, document restoration, and more.  

Contact us and we’ll restore your home back to its pre-damaged state! 

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