Common Causes of Home Fires

House that has been through a fire.

It’s no secret that fire can devastate a house. In fact, the number of fire fatalities in Minnesota is climbing above the national average. Knowing the most common causes of house fires, as well as how to prevent them, are two of the simplest ways to improve your home’s fire readiness.

Common Causes of Home Fires


Cooking Fires

Cooking fires can be one of the toughest to put out, depending upon how they begin. Anything left in the oven too long can start a fire, but the more common causes of cooking fires are grease related. This can occur in the oven or on the stovetop.
Many Thanksgiving fires spring from attempts to deep fry turkeys. These fires can be especially dangerous due to the amount of grease. While vigilance and attention to detail are key for preventing grease fires, having baking soda or a class B fire extinguisher nearby can snuff some of these small flames.

Electrical Fires

Most electrical fires are caused by one of two things: faulty wiring or overburdened circuits. It’s no simple task to repair wiring or run new wires for additional outlets or lights—if you’re not an electrician, let a professional handle it. It’s much more convenient and inexpensive than rebuilding after an electrical fire.

Heating Fires

Minnesota winters are cold, so it’s no wonder that people resort to additional sources of heat, such as space heaters or wood stoves, which are involved in 74% of fire-related deaths. Regular inspections and automatic shutoffs can help prevent heating fires, as can other safety measures.

It’s also worth checking your home for sources of heat loss. It’s common to blame poor insulation, but the size and scope of your ductwork can also be at fault. Having a professional test your home’s insulation and ductwork is a great way to find the source of the issue.

If you and your family are facing fire damage, Royal Renovations can help. Our team provides disaster remediation services for homes in Central Minnesota, including those affected by fire damage. Get in touch with us today to get started.

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