Content Restoration for your Cabin

Exterior of a cabin in the woods and a man on a bike

It’s that wonderful time of year again! With the warmer temperatures and vacation days looming, it’s time to head to your cabin. But what happens when you walk in the door and it’s not as expected? Maybe you didn’t seal the cabin properly and critters got in or some bad weather caused water damage. Either way, you need a plan for content restoration, and you need a plan fast.


The first step in getting your cabin back to new is to address the damage and take photos. Try to assess the source of the damage. Is there a problem with the foundation? Is there a leaky roof? Is there a hole in the window screen that might be letting insects and other critters in? Take care of any issues that need immediate attention, such as a hole in the roof. You might have the urge to throw all your damaged items away or sell your cabin, but fight that urge. Water damage can be fixed, and even issues with mold can be taken care of by the professionals. A few well-placed rodent traps should take care of mice issues, too.


If the damage to your cabin is extensive, it’s time to call in the experts. At Royal Renovations, we’re experts in content restoration. We can take care of everything, from content pack-outs, to claims management and photo inventory, to content cleaning, odor control, non-salvageable inventory, and mold remediation. The urge to panic might be strong, but not all is lost. We will clean what we can onsite—from specialty items to your favorite old couch—and the rest will go to our facility to be cleaned before they are returned to you in restored condition. Even if structural damage is an issue, we can help you take care of the problem. After all, you don’t want the first summer storm to send a flood of water in through a leaky ceiling.


Don’t let the place you look to for fun and adventure all summer be a source of stress and frustration. Call Royal Renovations today and we’ll help make your happy place homey again.

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