Fire Recovery

A fire can occur in your home no matter the time of year. You might not associate fires with winter because it’s so cold out, but a winter fire is not out of the question. A stove goes unattended, a toaster gets left plugged in, a portable furnace is running too long, a heated blanket is left turned on and sparks fly. What do you do after a fire? Whether there is damage to a room or the entire house, you may need to address structural concerns or water remediation. If there is a fire in your home or business, do you know what to do once the firefighters leave?


A home or business fire can be devastating for all involved. There may be smoke damage, charred items, and water damage to small items or the entire structure of the home. However, there are ways to recover; you don’t have to simply throw everything away.


You may want to start cleaning up your home once the firemen leave, but hold yourself back. You should call a damage restoration company first. Crews are available 24/7 for emergency service. Trying to wipe down or wash away fire remnants could negatively impact the fire damage recovery process. At the very least, you may be able to open windows. Do not use appliance until they’ve been inspected, and refrain from throwing anything away. You’ll want to document all the damage with photos so you can include them with your claim.


Once damage restoration experts arrive on the scene, they’ll assess damage and control any immediate hazards to prevent more damage to your home. For instance, they’ll use tarps and other sealing services if a hole was burned through your roof or siding. Then, they’ll move forward with the damage remediation process, which includes odor control, water extraction, structural drying, and complete construction. You won’t need to throw out all your damaged items—they have a slew of techniques to restore your items back to new.


We hope you never have to experience a home or business fire, but if you do, the experts at Royal Renovations are happy to help you restore your items.