Fire Safety Tips for Your Commercial Property

Firefighters extinguishing a fire outside commercial property

Industrial and manufacturing fires increased 34% from 2018 to 2019, while commercial fires increased by only 7%. However, with a total of 421 fires in 2019, there were still nearly 200 more commercial and public assembly fires than industrial and manufacturing fires.

Preventing Common Fire Hazards

With the number of fires on the rise in Minnesota, it’s important to keep commercial fire safety in mind. Ensure both you and your employees know not only the causes of fires but also how to prevent them in the first place.

Kitchen Fires

Kitchen fires are the most common cause of fires, amounting to nearly half of Minnesota fires in 2019. Thorough cleaning and careful monitoring of grease can help prevent kitchen fires.

Smoking Areas

Cigarettes and ashtrays can also cause fires, so keep ashtrays and smoking areas away from buildings. If you work in an industry that frequently handles flammable materials, make sure that employees aren’t smoking nearby.

Having a proper sprinkler system and maintaining it regularly can potentially save lives. It can also minimize structural damage from commercial property fires.

Old or Broken Appliances 

A faulty furnace or appliance is a fire hazard, as is overburdened or improperly installed electrical equipment. Replacing faulty equipment may cost more initially, but repairing fire damage to your business will likely cost a lot more. It only takes a small spark to cause a business-destroying disaster, so having a robust fire detection and suppression system is a great way to safeguard the future of your commercial property.


Arson is another common cause of fires. A proper security system is often the only deterrent for outside arsonists.

Fire Code for Commercial Businesses

It’s important to remember that the fire code, while mandatory, is only as good as its implementation. Having a fire extinguisher is great. Having it easily accessible and positioned near the kitchen, or other areas where a fire could start can help stop the flames and reduce their destruction.

The fire code changes, so ensure you remain in compliance. Hiring a fire warden is an easy way to make sure you’re running your business at its safest. Additionally, your staff should be trained on fire extinguishers, fire safety, fire prevention, and fire evacuation procedures.

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