Glossary of Services Provided by Royal Renovations (Part 1)

We get it: fire and water damage is scary. Natural disasters are devastating, sewer and drain back-up is gross, and mold growth is shocking. These things can also feel embarrassing if they happen to you, but we’re here to tell you that it shouldn’t. These problems happen to the best of us through no fault of our own, which is why we offer the emergency services you need.

Our group of managers and experts are certified by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) in water damage restoration, renovation, microbial remediation, odor control, fire and smoke restoration, and carpet cleaning, upholstery, and fabric cleaning.

We’re also experts in content processing, content cleaning, and pack-outs.


Emergency Board-ups

No matter the reason for the damage, emergency board-ups will prevent further damage to your home.


Odor Control

Sewer and drain back-up aren’t the only things that cause funky odors. No matter your emergency, Royal Renovations employs a slew of methods to effectively remove odors.


Content Cleaning/Restoration

It might seem like the only option after a disaster is to throw away all your damaged items, but you don’t have to. Through extensive restoration processes, your items—whether it’s your carpet or a precious family heirloom—can be brought back to life (sometimes in better condition than they were before).


Duct Cleaning

If your ducts are dirty, they’ll circulate mold and other airborne illnesses. Royal Renovations will clean them to make sure your ventilation system is only putting out clean air.


Temporary Utilities

If your home or workplace had severe fire or damage restoration, you may need temporary utilities during the reconstruction of the building.


Content Pack-out/in and Content Processing

If the structure of your home or office needs to be restored, we offer full content pack-outs/ins. We will organize and pack your items for temporary storage, which includes photo inventory, a detailed itemization of non-salvage contents, and transportation to our climate controlled secured facility. You’ll always have access to your items with our integrated inventory systems. When the structure of your damaged building has been restored, we’ll bring your items back.


Water Extraction

Whether your home flooded or there is remaining water from putting out a fire, Royal Renovations provides water extraction services so that you don’t have to live underwater any longer.


Moisture Readings and Post Testing

We’ll perform moisture readings to determine the moisture level of specific materials that may have been damaged, like wood or drywall.


We have an amazing team at Royal Renovations and we are proud to ensure the best disaster restoration services in St. Cloud, MN. When tragedy strikes, we’re here to fix your home. Give us a call at 320-743-3440.