Managing Sewer and Drain Backup in the Early Spring

Plumbing assemble sewer drain of a sink plumber tools equipment in a bathroom.

The early spring can be a tough time for sewer systems. From meltwater to sprawling tree roots, everything about spring seems to have the potential to damage your sewage system. As a homeowner, there are important steps you can take to protect your sewage system and prevent your sewer from backing up this spring.

Protecting Your Sewer System From Water

The melting snow and spring rain can overburden sump pumps, so it’s important to make sure that your sump pump is in working condition to avoid soggy surprises. Some homeowners may be comfortable checking the sump pumps basin, weep hole, and other parts, while other homeowners prefer to have it professionally serviced.  Additionally, ensure meltwater does not pool around your home by sloping the landscaping away or creating paths for it to flow through the snow.

Protecting Your Sewer System From Cold

While winter has the highest likelihood of freezing your pipes, Minnesota springs can see temperatures that can cause damage to plumbing as well. Late season freezes can be particularly dangerous if the snow, which acts as a buffer for the frost line, has been melted by an early heat wave. More likely, however, is that you will notice the effects of winter sewer damage in the spring.

Protecting Your Sewer System From Trees

Spring is the time of rebirth and growth. This includes trees, with their roots stretching out in vast networks through the dirt. These roots can find their way into your plumbing, which can cause serious issues. Because of this, it’s common practice to plant trees at least ten feet from your sewer pipes. However, it’s impossible to control where roots will grow underground, which is why it is imperative to know the signs of clogged plumbing.

Protecting Your Sewer System From Clogs

Fully clogged plumbing is the easiest to notice, whether it’s a drain not draining or a toilet not flushing. More difficult to diagnose, though potentially more useful, are the warning signs of a partially clogged plumbing system. This includes signs such as abnormal draining or difficulty draining. In addition, gurgling noises can indicate a cracked pipe along the route.

Being conscious of the state of your sewer system is crucial in maintaining it. Having a clogged sewer system is bad enough, but a malfunctioning sewage system can also mean sewage backflow into your home, which is a particularly smelly mess.

For fixes, big or small, or questions on your sewage system performance, contact the experienced contractors of Royal Renovations today.

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