Preparing for Potential Winter Home Damage

Exterior home with blanket of snow

It might seem a little too early to be preparing for winter, but Minnesota has already seen snow in October, so it would appear that winter is already making its slow descent. Midwesterners know all too well just how brutal and damaging winters can be on homes. Before winter is here to stay, you need to make sure your home is ready to tackle the low temperatures and dumping of snow that we are sure to get.

Prep your Yard

Start your prep work by taking care of your yard first. Make sure that your gutters are clean and you’ve drained your hoses and shut off the water valves. Be sure you also winterize your sprinkler system. If you don’t blow out your sprinkler system, you could end up with frozen pipes later in the winter. Learn how to do it here. Trim any branches that could become weighed down with ice or snow and potentially damage your home, vehicle, or your neighbor’s home.

Address Any Roof Concerns

Is it time for a new roof? Do you have concerns with leaks? Take care of any potential issues now. A contractor can tell you if your roof is strong enough to sustain a heavy snowfall. Make sure you repair any roof leaks and free your roof from and debris (leaves, branches, etc.).


Check Insulation

Don’t let a burst water pipe ruin your night. Prevent frozen or burst water pipes by wrapping them in insulation. This is especially useful in unheated areas of the home. Reminder: during especially cold nights, keep your cabinet doors in the kitchen and bathrooms open to encourage warm air circulation around the pipes. (Check out our blog for more tips.) You may also want to put an insulated blanket on your hot water heater. Check the insulation in your walls and attic, too.



As you address insulation, now is also a good time to check your doors and windows to see if you need to do some weather-stripping with caulk. Doing so will reduce cold air flowing in through your doors and windows and your heated air from escaping through the cracks.



While you’re prepping your home, be sure you’ve prepped your vehicle and yourself for the cold weather, too. Follow these tips for winterizing your vehicle, and be sure that you have your cold weather gear ready to go.


Follow these tips to keep your home cozy and safe all winter long. And if you do happen to have a winter emergency, call the experts at Royal Renovations for help.


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