Preparing Your Loved One for Hoarding Cleanup

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Assessing For Hoarding Cleanup

It isn’t easy watching someone you love in distress. Hoarding behavior can occur anywhere and with anyone. When you feel that something is wrong, it is important for you to assess the situation and see whether the behavior has become so severe that intervention is necessary. Be cautious. Try to assess the situation from afar, making sure not to disturb anything in the hoarder’s environment. At this stage, you are only determining whether future steps must be taken.


Gather Necessary Help

Taking on the task of hoarding cleanup won’t be easy. That’s why it will be necessary to gather help from friends and family to calmly and respectfully confront the hoarder. Make sure that you only gather people who are empathetic to the hoarder’s situation. The process of hoarding cleanup will have many roadblocks, all of which will require a gentle hand to guide them.


Develop a Strategy

After gathering your team of caring people, it is important that you have a plan for tackling the problem. You’ll want to discuss how best to confront the hoarder, what can be done to safely navigate and clean the space, if you’ll need more help from hoarding cleaning services, and what measures can be taken to curb future behavior.



Now that everything is ready, it is time to step in. Gather your team and meet in person with the hoarder. It is important to remember that this is a person, whose sanctuary is tied to their belongings. Be respectful and kind, making sure to meet them in the security of their own home. Make sure to tell them how much you care and how much you would like to help. It’s important to know that they may not take the information well. This will require you to be persistent while maintaining compassion for the affected person.


Enlisting Hoarding Cleaning Services

If everything has gone well, you can move forward with hoarding cleanup. Be sure to gather the necessary materials and continue onto the cleaning process. If you are unsure about what said process entails, Royal Renovations has a team of focused professionals equipped to handle each step of the way forward.


For any help you need with hoarding cleanup, visit our page detailing Royal Renovations’ Trauma Scene Cleanup.

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