Preparing Your Pets for Natural Disasters

pets preparing natural disasters

In Minnesota, the weather is infamous for turning on a dime. The warmer is the seasons are perhaps more notorious for potential danger, but being prepared against mother nature is a year-round task. This goes for people and their pets.

Did you know that July 15th is National Pet Fire Safety Day? In honor of the occasion, we have outlined a plan for pet owners to protect their four-legged friends from fires, flooding, and other natural disasters.


Make A Thorough Plan

You probably already have an evacuation plan with your family, just be sure to include Fido and Fluffy. Many people decide to place a rescue alert sticker in their window to inform fire and rescue that they have a pet inside. You can order a rescue alert safety pack online for free from the ASPCA. Besides letting firefighters and police know with a noticeable sticker, it’s a good idea to leave a spare key with a trusted neighbor in case you are at work or out of town and your pet needs a quick escape.


Evacuate Early When Necessary

If you are worried about winter storms, hurricanes (if you’re out of town), or tornados, it’s always a good idea to evacuate early. Not every hotel will accommodate your pets, so be sure to get a reservation early. Be sure to bring any medications, carriers, and supplies you might need. If you have space and extra time, pack comforting items for your pet, like beds, blankets, or favorite toys to help make them feel safe.


Choose A Trustworthy Pet Haven

Get to know your local shelters, pet hotels, boarding resorts, or kennels in case you need to leave and are not able to take your pet with you. Even if you never board your pet, when the need comes unexpectedly, you’ll feel better knowing the staff and trusting that your pet will be safe.


Make Sure Your Pet Has an ID

Update your pet’s ID tag and make sure it is securely attached to their collar or harness. If you can, make an appointment to get your pet microchipped. That way, if your pet gets lost or separated from you, you can be reunited again more easily.


Keep Them Up-To-Date on Shots

Natural disasters can result in flooding and sewage backup, meaning the outdoors is teeming with bacteria, displaced wildlife, or mosquitos. When your pet comes due for booster shots and vaccinations, take them in to see your vet as soon as you can.


Talk About Your Plan with Your Family

Once you have a set plan for every possible storm damage or natural disaster outcome, share your plan with your household. If you have multiple pets in your house, use the buddy system; assign a pet to each member to the family so everyone is clear and there is no confusion or panic.


Natural disasters usually result in uncertainty and panic. You set a plan to prepare your family, now is the time to think about your pets! Of course, should your home need some added natural disaster preparations, contact the experts at Royal Renovations. We’re here for you before and after natural disasters to get you back to normal quickly.

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