Preventing Summer Water and Pipe Damage

Summer Water and Pipe Damage

It’s not something homeowners typically worry about once the cold weather subsides, but your plumbing may be in danger in the summer just as it is during the winter.  Sure, it’s important to take special precautions in the winter to prevent our pipes from freezing and busting, but what could possibly cause a major plumbing issue in the summer?


Foundational Changes and Pipe Damage

In the summer, dry weather can cause water to evaporate from the soil, causing the soil surrounding your home to shrink.  Dry foundations can also lead to weak spots and cracks. Then, once it does rain, moisture can easily penetrate your home, leading to further structural damage and flooding.

Tree roots can also be a problem in the summer. The shifting and loosening of the soil around the trees in your yard give trees easier access. According to a post by Apollo Home, Sewer lines are a prime target for tree roots because the pipes contain water and organic waste.


Added Stress on Your Plumbing

It’s the season of water fun: swimming pools, water balloon fights, and sprinklers in the back yard. All that added high-speed water puts added stress on your pipes and can lead to leaking or even burst pipes.

Summer gatherings can add to this issue, as well. Regular issues like clogged toilets and garbage disposals are put on higher strain in the summer. It helps to space out the use of your appliances. For example, try not to run the dishwasher at the same time as the washing machine or take a shower at the same time your sprinkler system is watering the lawn.


Aging Seals and Seams

When was the last time you replaced the caulk around the seams in your bathroom? How about around windows and doors? If old caulk starts to crack, chip, or peel away from your tub, window pane, or shower, it might be time to recaulk. Homeowners should do this on average every five years, but waiting too long can welcome mold growth and structural damage.


Water damage is tough to combat. It’s much easier to take a few preventive measures than to repair bigger issues. If you should need an experienced team to help repair your home after water or pipe damage, contact the experts at Royal Renovations.

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