Protein Fires—What are They?

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Have you ever heard of a protein fire? A protein fire is the result of significantly burning a protein source or another food source. While no fire is a walk in the park, a protein fire appears to be far less serious initially than they truly are. The smell is worse than other fires and restoration may be tricky.


Unique Restoration Challenges

With little visible residue, it’s easy to assume a protein fire is less damaging than it may be. Because the source of the fire is burned food, the smell can be worse and it has the potential to permeate surfaces—like walls, carpet, and furniture—more deeply than other types of fires. Thorough cleaning is required in order to remove the odor and restore items back to their original state.


It is important to note that smell is subjective, and smell is often linked to memory. A homeowner may pick up more smells than a technician, and vice-versa. The homeowner may associate that specific smell with the traumatizing fire, and may require several attempts to completely eradicate the odor. Repainting the home or applying a sealing agent may be required to rid the home of the odor.


Do’s and Don’ts

Following a protein fire, there are some things you should and shouldn’t do.



  • Wash hands of any residue that could further stain furniture or walls in the home
  • Cover any high-traffic areas with old linens to protect them from further damage
  • Avoid moving around the home unnecessarily at the risk of worsening the permeated odor into carpets
  • Call your insurance company
  • Call Royal Renovations to assess and restore the damage


Do not:

  • Try to clean anything yourself or launder anything yourself
  • Eat food or beverages that were near the fire


If you have further questions, please contact us.


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