Royal Renovations has your Back when you have a Sewer and Drain Backup

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A sewer or drain backup is one of the most-feared problems of a homeowner. Not only is it gross and smelly, but it can also be a potential health hazard if not handled properly. Whether it’s caused by toilet seepage, pipe blockage, the growth of large roots, sewer main blockage, or sewer overflow from flooding, a backup problem is something you don’t want to handle on your own. Fortunately, the experts at Royal Renovations have your back when it comes to any backups.


Sewage is a dangerous substance that you don’t want entering your home. It contains fungi, bacteria, and viruses that can cause diseases, infect your family, and ruin your furniture and objects in the home. A sewage or drain backup should be taken care of abruptly as there are immediate hazards the presence of sewage in your home can present. Elderly individuals, young children, or even individuals with respiratory problems or compromised immune systems in the home are more susceptible to the potential disease-causing substances in the sewage.

Homeowners should not stay in a home after it has been infected by sewage or drain backup unless the infected room or rooms can be completely sealed off. This prevents cross-contamination and breathing in the air of the infected area. Affected materials, unless they can be washed in hot temperatures for more than 10 minutes, should be thrown away. This includes upholstery, drywall, insulation, and other structural materials, in addition to any furniture or objects in your home that has come in contact with the backup (such as bedding and carpet). The objects shouldn’t simply be dried, cleaned, and kept. The health risk from the contaminants on the objects is too high. Highly-trained individuals should be hired to take care of the sewage backup remediation work followed by a visit from environmental professionals to ensure the area is safe to occupy again.


The experts at Royal Renovations of St. Cloud, MN will take care of you and your home if you have a sewer or drain backup. They treat your home and items with the utmost respect, doing their best to get them back to their pre-backup condition. Quality control is a top priority for Royal Renovations throughout the sewer backup clean-up process.