What is a Moisture Reading?

Woman taking a moisture reading on brick wall.

Water is life, but it can be disastrous if it gets into the wrong places—our homes, for instance. Water, however, always seems to seep into areas it is not supposed to be, which is why moisture readings can be so beneficial.

As the name suggests, a moisture reading tells how wet an area is. Moisture readings are typically done in sheetrock, as it is a delicate material that breaks down easily with excess moisture.


The Dangers of Too Much Moisture

Aside from structural damage, excess moisture can create health detriments, the chief of which is mold. Excess moisture creates a prime environment for mold to flourish. While it’s impossible to eliminate all mold spores, having an overly moist home creates an ideal breeding ground. A damp basement or leaky pipe could cause the mold in your home to spread, which could cause serious health issues for you and your family.

Too much moisture can also damage paint, furniture, flooring, and brickwork, leading to costly repairs. Your home’s comfort can also be compromised, with clammy air, musty smells, and water spots.


What is an Acceptable Moisture Reading?

Using moisture readings, homeowners can see if they have an acceptable moisture level or if their home is too wet. But what is a normal reading on a moisture meter? A safe home should be between 5–12%, with above 17% being a cause for concern.

If you find your home is too moist, contacting a professional, like Royal Renovations, is a smart move. Our team is fully equipped to handle the different types of water damage. We use high-tech inspection tools, like thermal imaging and heavy-duty drying equipment, to minimize water damage, as well as your repair bill.

To get a moisture reading for your home or to address water damage, contact Royal Renovations today.


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