What is Content Restoration?

Elements of a burned wood house.

Do you know what to do when your building gets hit by an unforeseen disaster? Flooding, mold, fire damage, tornados, hurricanes—the list of different disasters, natural or otherwise, is almost endless. When it comes to dealing with insurance companies, it’s best to leave it to the technicalities of restoration to experienced contractors.

That doesn’t mean you should call just any general contractor. There are folks who specialize in disaster content restoration, like the team here at Royal Renovations. We are a restoration contractor that specializes in dealing with insurance companies to get your home or business back up and running better than ever.


How do Restoration Contractors Differ from General Contractors?

Restoration contractors specialize in working with insurance companies to conduct a damage assessment, create a scope agreement and estimation, and negotiate with insurance companies. A scope agreement includes what items have been deemed as necessary to cover by insurance.

Restoration contractors do possess a general contractor’s license, but they have the added responsibility of acting as a mediator between the homeowner and the insurance company. To be clear, most restoration contractors’ profits come from insurance companies, as restoration contractors dictate what damage has been done for the estimation of a scope agreement. Homeowners pay the deductible, and the insurance company pays for the rest. A general contractor will have to be paid out of pocket, but a restoration contractor will be covered by insurance.


What is Content Restoration?

After a disaster, like a fire or a flood, most would assume personal property inside the affected building is lost. However, valuable personal possessions can be saved by content restoration services. Through the skills of a content restoration expert and state-of-art cleaning machinery, many items at first considered lost may be restored.

This isn’t a guarantee that all items will be salvageable, but many items could be restored close to their original condition. A content cleaning specialist can restore photos and artwork, furniture and upholstery, electronics, toys, and even clothing back to their original condition.

The content restoration process begins with an estimation process, followed by an inventorying of personal property, which is taken back to the contents restoration facility. At this facility are all the tools a skilled contents restoration expert needs to restore your precious personal items. Content that was once lost becomes content restored, and the items are then returned to the owner after cleaning.


Preparing For Content Restoration

Maintain a list of personal items in a home inventory list, and keep it up to date. Documents and insurance policies are difficult to restore, so keep those in a fireproof and waterproof safe.

If the worst has already happened and you need a skilled content restoration expert, give us a call. As an approved restoration contractor, Royal Renovations specializes in the restoration of personal property after a disaster. We will handle the entire process and make it easy to get your personal items back into your home. Call Royal Renovations for a thoroughly professional content restoration experience.

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