What’s that smell? Smells that indicate there’s a bigger problem

A cloud of smoke

When it comes to maintaining your home, how your home smells is often neglected. As we live in our space, we become accustomed to the smells and odors that surround us. Here are a few lingering smells that could be tainted the air in your home and why you should get them looked at by a professional ASAP:

Odors related to fire

The most common odors that are detected inside the house are odors that smell like smoke or if something is burning. Both of these odors are often associated with your heating system. A smoke smell might indicate that your heating system is being overworked and might start an electrical fire. Similarly, the smell of rubber burning might also indicate that there is a problem in your heating system.

If your home has recently endured a house fire, make sure to consult a professional. There are long-lasting effects from smoke damage that can be detrimental to your health and your home’s integrity.

Musty odors

Musty odors are often the tell-tale sign that there is water damage hiding somewhere inside your home. If water damage is left unaddressed it can turn into mold and become even a bigger problem. Again, it’s important to get a cleaning professional inside your home ASAP to address these problems so they don’t negatively affect your health and the integrity of your home.

Chemical smells

Strong chemical odors like ammonia are often a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Ammonia smells like urine and usually means that there is a pest or rodent problem in your home. Ammonia also indicates that there might be decaying corpses in the walls of your home from these little critters. Many rodents and pests can carry disease so it’s essential to get these odors addressed right away.

Another chemical smell homeowners might detect are from off-gas volatile compounds (VOCs). These are chemical smells from new furniture, carpet and paints that are unhealthy to breathe.

Sewage odors

The smell of sewage is never an odor a homeowner wants inside their home. Like these other odors, sewage smells often indicate there is a larger problem below the surface. Homeowners who smell sewage should contact professionals immediately to see if there is a blockage in their sewer system. Raw sewage contains numerous harmful viruses, bacteria and parasites that can cause serious health issues if not addressed.

When your home begins to develop a particular odor, it’s time to call in the cleaning professionals to see if there is a larger problem lurking below the surface. Many of these odors are a tell-tale sign that there are bigger problems that need to be addressed and in a hurry. Make sure your home is safe and does not pose a risk to your health and safety by getting it checked out today.

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