Glossary of Services Provided by Royal Renovations (Part 2)

This month we continue our discussion on the emergency services Royal Renovations offers.

Our team is certified by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) in water damage restoration, renovation, microbial remediation, odor control, fire and smoke restoration, and carpet cleaning, upholstery, and fabric cleaning. We’re also experts in content processing, content cleaning, and pack-outs.


24/7 Claims Management

No matter the day of week or time of day, your claims will be handled in a timely fashion. We offer 24/7 emergency services, so if your pipes burst in the wee hours of the morning, count on us to provide the services you need.


Climate-Controlled Storage

As your items are being restored after a disaster, they will be secured in a climate-controlled storage facility to prevent further damage.


Complete Construction

If your property has extensive damage, reconstruction can be arranged.


Structural Drying

Whether due to flood damage or water damage after a fire, structural drying will remove excess moisture from wet structural materials (think: wood, concrete, sheetrock).


24-Hour Rush Cleaning

If you need your items cleaned quickly, Royal Renovations offers a 24-hour rush cleaning service so that your items are quickly as good as new.


Photo Inventory

When restoring your contents after fire, water, storm, or sewer backup damage, we will take photo inventory of all your items to ensure they are all accounted for and recorded for claims purposes.


Specialty Item Cleaning

If your unique items are damaged—for instance, specialty rugs—you don’t need to throw them away immediately. Oftentimes they can be restored. Just call us and ask!


Onsite Cleaning

For smaller damaged items, we can clean onsite on the spot. The items won’t even need to leave your property.


Content Tracking Software

Know where your items are at all times in the content restoration process with our comprehensive tracking software.


Non-Salvage Inventory 

Using our content tracking software, Royal Renovations will keep track of your non-salvage items (items that are too badly damaged to be restored).


At Royal Renovations, we ensure the best disaster restoration services in St. Cloud, MN. We’re here to fix your home when tragedy strikes. Call us at 320-743-3440.