Shout Out to Kelly & Justine Fisher

I just wanted to give Kelly & Justine Fisher a little shout out and recognition on the company that they have built over the last 18 years. If you don’t know the Fisher’s, you’re missing out, so I figured I would share a little bit about how Royal Renovations was started. Please join me by liking this post or by sharing your great experience with Royal Renovations. ~ Jessica Meyer

About Royal Renovations

In 1999, Royal Renovations was established by Kelly and Justine Fisher, a husband and wife team. They started their business out of their home shop in Becker, MN. In 2002 they moved their company to Clear Lake, MN. Royal Renovations has been a family-owned and operated company since day one and still is today. We take pride in the family feel we have here and we like to pass that family feel onto our customers. The company is slowly transitioning allowing more family members to progress into ownership while all along keeping the same integrity, quality and reliability the company was built on. Our team is well-trained and committed to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction by maintaining quality workmanship and using the latest in problem-solving technology and expertise. We have over a 100 years combined experience in construction and insurance restoration.


Kelly and Justine Fisher Royal Renovations


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