Should you Call for Professional Water Damage Restoration?

It would be pretty cool to have an indoor pool in your home, that’s every kid’s dream! But if you wake up in the middle of the night to find that the summer storm has started that indoor pool for you, it doesn’t sound exciting anymore. When talking about water damage, it’s not a spilled glass of water at the dinner table, here are some scenarios that may cause some serious water damage to your home.



If a limb falls on your roof in a summer storm and it continues to storm right into your house.

If the sewer backs up into the house.

If the washing machine breaks and floods the laundry room.

If the dishwasher floods the kitchen.

If you live at low elevation and heavy rainfall leads to a flooded basement.

If a leaky pipe, turns out to have a huge crack.

If the toilet overflows in the bathroom.

If you can smell a distinct musty smell.

If there are visible water lines after a flood remaining on the wall.

If any of these statements may apply to your situation then you might want to call in professional help.



Why do you need professional help?

Summer storms and burst pipes can bring on major home floods. Proper water mitigation, repair, and replacement of water logged materials are essential to the preservation of your home and health of your family. Water damage can be classified into the following three categories:


Category 1 water damage is “clean water” from a source such as a toilet tank or pipe that supply clean water. This water won’t stay clean forever. If it is left untreated, it will escalate into a category 2 or 3.


Category 2 water damage is called “gray water”. This type of water comes from washing machines and dishwashers or backed up toilets. It is any contaminated water that wouldn’t be suitable to drink. Not saying water that has flooded your home is suitable, but gray water isn’t to being with.


Category 3 water damage is also called “black water”. This water contamination ranges from chemicals and sewage to oil and harmful bacteria. This water is just as unappealing to deal with as it sounds and requires proper equipment.



It doesn’t take a long time for mold to grow. If you think the smell of category 3 water would be bad, think about what you would smell everyday if it wasn’t cleaned up properly. Without properly drying out the damaged area and replacing materials, mold will grow wild. There are serious health effects to those who are exposed to mold such as nasal stuffiness, throat irritation, coughing or wheezing, eye irritation, skin irritation, and for those with allergies the symptoms are worse. Materials that may need to be replaced include walls, floors, shelving units, curtains, ductwork, and heating and cooling systems.



Professionals like Royal Renovations of the St. Cloud area, use thermal imaging cameras and moisture meters to make sure your home or business is drying out effectively. Royal Renovations also uses specialty drying equipment for water damage behind cabinets, inside of walls, and other hard to reach places with minimal disruption to the building structure. Royal Renovations offers 24/7 service, so give them a call next time that midnight summer storm hits.