You Can’t Fight Fire with Fire!— How to Restore Your Home’s Contents After They’ve Burned

A home fire can be incredibly devastating to a family. Not only are there possible physical injuries involved, the emotional distress can be crushing. The home is a place of safety and comfort, but a fire can take away that sense of security, especially if the fire damages the home and items inside. Fortunately, the experts at Royal Renovations specialize in fire damage content restoration. Not all hope is lost.


Royal Renovations understands how scary and dangerous a fire can be for everyone involved, so they take special care in handling your situation in a caring and compassionate manner. Fires range in size from minor—such as a small electrical fire or cooking fire—to a large fire. Whether smoke or fire damage is minimal or the whole house has been touched and building materials and contents have been burned, Royal Renovations is able to handle every aspect of restoration. Crews are available for 24/7 emergency service.


You might want to start the clean-up process immediately, but it’s important to avoid further damage. Do not try to wipe down or wash fire remnants from damaged areas, as this could negatively impact the fire damage recovery process. You can open the windows in the affected areas if the weather permits. Don’t use appliances until they’re inspected and cleaned. Make sure you refrain from throwing anything away before documenting the damage with photos.

The experts at Royal Renovations are trained in the fire damage remediation process, including odor control, water extraction, structural drying, and complete construction. Upon arriving at the scene, they will assess the damage and control any lingering hazards to prevent any worsening damage to your home. For instance, if a hole burned through your roof and rain is in the forecast, they will address the issue with tarp and sealing services. Then, they will begin the cleanup process by cleaning away smoke, dust, and soot. Your surfaces will no longer look dark, stained, or charred. Water damage restoration will also take place during this stage. Any standing water will be removed, and areas will be dried and sanitized. Lingering odors will be removed, as well as any items that are too badly burned to be restored. Furniture that can be repaired will be fixed or reinstalled, carpets will be installed, and walls will be repainted or wallpapered. Your property will be left looking good as new—and sometimes, even better due to renovation efforts.


There’s no need to consider all your items damaged and gone or start making immediate plans to rebuild and refurnish. Royal Renovations can take care of fire damage and any potential water damage. We hope you never have to deal with the scary experience of a fire in your home, but if you do, Royal Renovations will help you get your home and life back to normal.