Cleaning with Compassion: Trauma Scene Cleanup

Cropped photo of two professional cleaners in rubber gloves using the cleaning equipment for surface disinfection

After having one of the worst days of their lives, it can be difficult for trauma victims to think of the cleanup that will need to happen for life to return to normal. Trauma or crime scene cleanup specialists are experts at navigating these kinds of distressing situations with compassionate professionalism.

Also known as post-forensic, biohazard, bloodborne pathogen, or crime scene cleanup, trauma scene cleanup specialists deal with sites where blood or bodily fluid was involved. With such a limited scope for their field, many people are surprised to discover that people specialize in this type of work. This begs the question, when should a trauma cleanup specialist be called?

When to Call a Trauma Cleanup Specialist

Crime scene cleanup is required in any area where the presence of bloodborne organics, disease vectors, or toxic irritants may be present. Specifically, a trauma scene cleanup specialist oversees the mitigation of potentially harmful biohazard situations. Their job starts when the governmental body in charge of a crime scene releases it back to the owner. Some situations where a crime scene cleanup specialist should be called include:

• Homicides
• Suicides or attempted suicides
• Tear gas usage
• Accidents
• Decomposition after an unattended death
• Mass trauma
• Industrial accidents
• Infectious disease contamination
• Animal biohazard contamination of feces or blood
• Regulated waste transport, treatment, and disposal

Crime scene cleaners are called to manage a wide range of situations while also navigating the emotions of a property owner after what could be a traumatizing event. To assure uniformity in the standards required for cleanup, most activities performed by biohazard cleanup teams are regulated by OSHA, NIOSH, DOT, and the EPA. Those seeking the services of trauma scene cleanup specialists should ensure that prospective companies have the correct certifications for their state.

Compassionate Crime Scene Cleanup

Here at Royal Renovations, we know how difficult times requiring trauma scene cleanup can be. When we take a job requiring biohazard cleanup, we take great strides to be as delicate as possible. This is done to respect the grieving process and gain an accurate understanding of the situation at hand. We are IICRC certified in trauma scene cleanup with bloodborne pathogen training. Call Royal Renovations today for a compassionate cleanup process.

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