Preventing Basement Flooding

Living room being flooded

Spring is on its way! That means flowers, warmer weather, sunshine, and new summer activities! It also means slush, mud, and the potential for basement flooding. With the combination of melting snow and spring rain showers, you have increased potential for a flooding disaster. If you’re worried about a basement flood, read on for tips to avoid the stressful situation.


Address your Landscaping

First thing’s first: the shape of your yard may be the source of flooding issues. The slope of your yard may be causing water to flow toward your house, causing it to pool near the foundation until it finds a spot to seep in. If this seems like it could be causing problems for you, you may need to install drains or regrade the slope of your lawn.



Do you have cracks in your foundation? If so, you may as well just have installed a funnel for water to enter your home. Inspect the (exterior) foundation for cracks, as well as your basement walls and floor. Any cracks you notice should be filled.


Clean your Gutters

You should always keep your gutters and downspouts free of any sort of debris. That means regularly removing sediment, twigs, leaves, and anything else that may block water flow. Be sure gutters and downspouts are pointed away from your foundation; water should be directed several feet away from your home. Utilize downspout extensions or troughs if you don’t already have them.


Clean Septic Systems

After you clean your gutters, inspect your sewers and septic systems. Regular maintenance will help prevent backups and overflows.  If you install a backwater valve, your home will be closed off from the sewer in case of a backup.


Sump Pump Maintenance

Is your sump pump working properly? If you don’t have one, consider buying one, as it can help fight water damage/flooding and mold. Check to make sure that it is plugged in and working properly. It’s also a good idea to have it run on a generator in case you lose power. If your sump pump is broken and your home floods, the damage may not be covered by your home insurance.


Invest in Window Covers

If you have below-grade basement covers, invest in transparent window covers. You’ll still get light, but will protect yourself from flooding.


Understand your Policy

You should know what is and isn’t covered by your home insurance policy in case of a flood.


If you do encounter a flood this season, we can help take care of any water damage. Don’t hesitate to give us a call for emergency service at 320-743-3440.

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