Step-by-step guide: What to do when your house floods

Exterior of a home with flooding

Flooding is one of those disasters that you can’t exactly prepare for. Whether it’s a flash flood storm or your foundation allows water to seep into your home, flooding is not a joking matter. Keeping your family and possessions safe during a flood is key, here are the first steps to take.


  1. Identify the water source

Ideally, you’d like to stop the water seeping into your home. If the case is a burst pipe or a massive leak, it’s best to turn off your main water valve in your home. If the water source cannot be located, you’ll skip to step two and evacuate the premises.


  1. Head to Grandma’s

Water damage needs to be addressed immediately and forces you to relocate you and your family. Gather up your family and the necessary belongings and either head to the closest hotel or family member’s home. If you are evacuating your home due to a natural disaster, locate the nearest emergency shelter.


  1. Flip the breaker

Water and electricity do not mix, or they cause electrical shock. If you are able to stop the water and there’s a clear, dry path to your fuse box, turn off your electricity. If you are unable to reach the breaker box without walking or wading through water, call an electrician.


  1. Reach out for help

Whether you’ve safely evacuated or are able to stay in your home, it’s best to call for help to start removing the excess water in your home. Renovation companies have numerous industrial-grade tools available such as dehumidifiers, sump pumps and others to help repair water damage quickly and effectively. A renovation professional will also be able to assess the damage and determine whether repairs will be needed. This is also an ideal time to reach out to your insurance agent to have them inspect the damage for insurance claims. Remember to take pictures to show how bad the damage was before repairs or clean up is started.


If disaster has struck and your home is not buried in inches of water, do not fret. Our team at Royal Renovations can help you quickly rectify the problem and return your home back to its previous, cozy condition. Give us a call today to see how we can help.

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