Protecting Your Home from Seasonal Storm Damage

A summer lightning storm brews in the clouds above a house in a residential neighborhood.

It’s the time of year when people are spending more time outdoors. This is partly because the pandemic is beginning to lift and also because the weather promotes more outdoor activity. This time of year also invites some of the most severe storms. Hail, high winds, floods, even tornadoes hit during the warmer seasons.

As a homeowner, it’s important to prepare your home for seasonal storms. A little bit of preparation will drastically reduce the impact a storm will have on your home and limit the potential damage. Find tips for home storm preparation below:

Install Shutters

Strong winds and heavy rains can damage your home’s windows. Once a window is broken, your home is susceptible to further damage from water and debris. Not only do shutters protect your windows, but they aid in protecting your roof. When a window is broken and air is blown in, it applies upward pressure on the roof. During a strong storm, this added pressure might be enough to blow the entire roof off the house.

Invest in Alternative Power Supplies

Because electrical lines are particularly vulnerable, even small summer storms can result in power outages. One lightning strike can cause outages for entire neighborhoods. Consider investing in a whole-house surge protector and a backup power source. Having a generator available can keep the power on in your home in the event of long-term energy outages.

Store Outdoor Items Correctly

Outdoor items such as lawn furniture, gardening tools, sports equipment, and other outdoor items should be properly anchored or put away. Especially if you know that a storm is heading your way, put any moveable outdoor items in a safe storage area until the storm has passed. High winds can pick up these items and send them flying around, damaging property or injuring you and your family.

Trim Your Trees

Overgrown trees are a major hazard for homeowners. Strong seasonal storms can snap tree branches, which can then damage your deck, siding, windows, or car. Especially strong summer storms might even cause branches to topple power lines. Keep tree branches trimmed, and consider hiring a tree trimming service if any suspicious branches are out of reach.

Summers in Minnesota are filled with family outings and vacations to the lake, but they can also harbor dangerous storms. Prepare your home for the inevitable summer storm with these tips. If you should experience storm-related damage this summer, call the experts at Royal Renovations. The weather may be unpredictable, but our team of restoration experts will work with you and your insurance to repair and revive your home.

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